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Importers are not counting on short-term change

Germany: Substantial price increases for Spanish imported vegetables

The importers focusing on Spain are currently experiencing their peak season. Due to the cold and the limited water supplies, the quantities availability in some fruit areas is rather limited and the prices are rising accordingly. Therefore, wholesalers are looking for alternatives.

The prices for Spanish vegetables are currently at a relatively high level, something which importers will confirm. Especially with zucchinis and peppers one has to deal with a substantial shortage of goods and corresponding price increases. “Concerning zucchinis we have already accessed Italian goods. For peppers, there are few alternatives that are really cheaper,” says Jörg Sailer, buyer and seller of Munich fruit agency Klaus Burkert.

Cucumbers and zucchini from Spain are currently at a high price level 

Weather conditions
Fortunately, the company has a reliable cucumber producer. Sailer: “He has no quality issues. When he realizes that his goods are getting qualitatively weaker, he stops. But that is not the case at the moment. The water supply for agriculture is uncertain. Of course, if the rains will not come, this will be felt next summer.”

At the Ulmer GmbH & Co. KG the current market situation is for the most part similar, as Carmen Schäck confirms. “Zucchini prices are high and in the cucumber area, the prices are fixed.” Here, too, the weather makes that there is not too much produce, although the prices are not as high as last week, as currently zucchini from Morocco and Italy are becoming available. “And the weather is expected to improve somewhat in our cultivation areas.”

Specialised in import
Ulmer GmbH & Co. KG has existed for almost 60 years and is a Baden-Württemberg-based company that has largely grown into Spanish fruit imports. The goods are sourced directly from producers in the most important growing areas of Spain. The company's customers mainly include German hypermarkets, wholesalers, some leading grocery retailers, and smaller greengrocers.

For more information:
Ulmer GmbH & Co. KG.
Managing Director: Victoria Ladny
Jahnstraße 16
D-77694 Kehl
Tel: 07851 - 9398-0
Fax: 07851 - 75627

Fruchthandel Klaus Burkert
i.A. Jörg Sailer - Procurement & Quality Management
Schäftlarnstraße 10
Kontorhaus II - Büro 318-319
81371 München
Tel.: +49 - 170 388 99 31

Publication date: 1/18/2018



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