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Italy: Poland demanding more broccoli and cauliflowers

"The autumn courgette campaign ended in mid-November. It was very positive with good prices right until the end. Demand was good in October and quotations reached €1.50/kg only to drop to €0.70-0.80/kg at the end," explains Giovanni Pasquariello from Azienda Agricola Pasquariello Giovanni (FG).

Despite 25-30% fewer vegetables (due to the summer drought), Giovanni says demand hasn't increased. "The season started well for all products both in Italy and abroad, however things gradually worsened for cauliflowers and fennel, while broccoli did rather well."

Giovanni stresses that, despite the summer drought, his company recorded a 20% increase in cultivated areas and therefore in production. "As it rained very little between October and November, the produce is of excellent quality with no waste." 

"The fennel and cauliflower market is recovering at the moment. I expect demand to be good at a fair price, around €0.70-0.80/kg for fennel and at least €5 for 9-10 kg crate for cauliflowers."

Pasquariello chose not to use festive packaging but instead introduced new 500 gr to 1 kg packs for fennel, as requested by a foreign client. "But we cannot talk about a trend."

"Our fennel is doing well in France, while broccoli is popular in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland, where volumes exported and the number of clients are increasing. There is no explanation, I can just say Polish companies are becoming more and more reliable. Maybe the Polish economy is stabilising. My clients include both small supermarkets and large importers."

90% of (filmed) broccoli and cauliflowers is exported. "I have reconsidered international fairs and specialised events as they seem to work, feedback is very good."

"It's not possible to know what to expect, everything depends on the weather."

Contact Information:
Giovanni Pasquariello
Cell.: +39 328 9126249
Azienda Agricola Pasquariello Giovanni
C.da trionfo 1
71041 Carapelle (FG)

Publication date: 12/13/2017



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