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Start tomato concept 'Automato' for the vegetable specialty shop

This week vegetable specialty shop Primeurshop Bol had something new in the Netherlands with the innovative tomato concept 'Automato' of tomato nursery Stoffels. This eye catcher is distinctive for vegetable specialty shops and consists of various units which each contain a different color of cherry tomatoes. The use of Automato is very simple: turning the wheel makes a number of tomatoes roll into a cup.

Ard Bol, owner of Primeurshop Bol certainly sees Automato as an asset to his shop. "My customers reacted most enthusiastically and children loved to give the wheel a spin! Lots of these lovely tomatoes we eaten this week, and the customers appreciated that they were grown in a natural way."

Automato winner Innovation Award
Automato is specially designed for cherry tomatoes and is based on the Pick & Mix principle. Consumers can decide for themselves how much and what color the cherry tomatoes they buy will have. One spin of the wheel make about six tomatoes fall in a cup. The machine consists of various units with each their own color of tomatoes, and can dispense them most hygienically. The tomatoes in the Automato are wrapped in a special Toma'Box. Refilling the Automato is very easy and can be done by easily changing the dispenser.

In the Netherlands, the Automato can be exclusively bought by vegetable specialty shops through Vroegop-Windig. 

For more information:
Tel: 020 – 606 18 18. 

Or come take a look at Primeurshop Bol Hagelingerweg 1 in Santpoort

Publication date: 4/5/2018



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