"More and more growers see the need for insect gauze"

"The advantages and sometimes the necessity for insect gauze in a greenhouse are increasingly being recognized." That is noticed by the Holland Gaas team. Holland Gaas supplies insect gauze systems for more and more types of greenhouses.

The folded accordion gauze (known as harmonica) was used in both glass and plastic greenhouses last year in 30 countries worldwide. "Different regions in the world have different weather conditions. Then there are growers' wishes, government requirements and each type of greenhouse has its own characteristics and profiles. These conditions require different solutions to apply the gauze system and to make it fit," according to Holland Gaas. As a result, they have expanded and improved their program on various points:

Multiple mesh openings
In principle, the gauze can be made with almost every mesh opening. Nevertheless, there are a number of standard mesh openings that are used most of the time. This number of standard mesh openings has been further increased.
New guide systems:
To ensure that the gauze forms a tight package, various guide methods and connecting straps have been developed. Especially in plastic greenhouses where the air windows open from the gutter, there is little space between the air windows and the screen installation. A new guide system has been found to solve this problem. Holland Gaas will also soon be introducing a new guide system for glass greenhouses in windy areas. A simple assembly is of course of the utmost importance.

Greenhouses are increasingly fitted with diffuse glass. This usually has a better and higher light output for the crop. Also the sun does not shine directly on the head of the plant, which causes a growth delay or even plant damage. The diffuse glass requires considerable investments, and during summer when the air windows are open, the sun still radiates directly onto the plant. Together with Wageningen University it has been demonstrated that the transparent gauze also makes the light diffuse; an additional advantage. The degree of this depends, of course, on the position of the sun and the applied mesh opening. This will be researched even further.

For existing conditions, fastening profiles must be attached to the greenhouse roof. The shape of these profiles has now changed. The profiles are now stiffer and easier to stack, making it easier to process and offering logistical advantages.

Insect gauze is typically used in nurseries where medicinal cannabis is cultivated. The gauze also has an odor reducing effect. Currently the odor reduction at the various mesh openings is being researched.

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