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Buitendijk Slaman introduces Masterlift

Less maintenance with new multi purpose trolley

The Masterlift is the brand new Multi Purpose Trolley from Buitendijk Slaman; its appearance is quite similar to the well-known machine. It is mainly the inside that is outfitted much more cleverly. "We can make the difference on maintenance," says Matthias Haakman. "That is the most important point where savings still could be made. So that’s what we did."

For the development of the Masterlift, the design of the Multi Purpose Trolley was re-examined. In consultation with customers, we have focused on the improvement of the maintenance. "People do not work harder when the car suddenly moves faster", according to Matthias. "Okay, it is now outfitted with a turbo button that allows a driving speed of up to 120m/min, but that's not going to make the difference in the ROI. The most important point of improvement turned out to be the maintenance to the machinery park. That takes time and costs money. Everything we can save on maintenance is direct profit for the user." Buitendijk Slaman has in this respect looked at other industries. "The offshore, the maritime market is full of smart solutions - although machines in horticulture must be able to operate under tough conditions."

Good, enough talk - what real changes have been made to the machine? One of the most important advantages that is incorporated in the new MPT is the absence of carbon brushes in the driving engine. “Normally they had to be replaced every few years. This does not have to be done anymore, as they have been removed. We are using a more efficient engine in the Masterlift”. A second point is that oiling the engine is hardly required anymore. "The ball-bearings and the bearing parts are basically maintenance-free." The battery quality has also been improved. "It is more powerful (75m / min. instead of 65) and needs charging less often. This also has a positive effect on its lifespan."

One of the improvement points that is visible from the outside, is the fencing. "Because we are using an oval tube, you have more space on the inside. We see that the MPT is often tied up during use and then the fencing is pulled out of shape. Thanks to the side posts, the construction remains very sturdy."
Matthias can go on about the smart improvement points of the Masterlift for hours, and there are actually quite a few. The core remains that the quality is at least the same as the previous MPT and that the maintenance is the big point of distinction. So, a big disappointment for customers who have already placed an order for the previous model? "No", says Matthias. "From now on, we will deliver the new model to everyone. The three test series that have been in service this year were so satisfactory, that from now on everyone who has ordered an MPT, can expected the Master Lift."

Right: Matthias with dealer CMW in England on a road-trip with the Masterlift, after which a British tomato grower decided to purchase it.

For more information:
Zernikestraat 2 | P.O. Box 119
2665 ZJ Bleiswijk
The Netherlands
P. +31 (0)10 521 63 77
F. +31 (0)10 521 90 73

Publication date: 11/24/2017



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