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Weterings Mechanisatie

"Constantly looking for improvement"

At Weterings Mechanisatie the improvements follow each other in rapid succession. From chalk installations and spray-carts to scissor lift platforms and equipment for installers or electric tractors. The drafters are working overtime to meet the demand of the customers. Pumps, earthmoving machines and dosing units ... everyone has their own wishes. Rob van den Berg, Weterings: "We use three basic principles for all our machines and equipment: These are safety, user-friendliness and quality. Every machine that leaves the factory, meets these qualifications."

Nick Weterings, Fabian Hertogh and Rob van den Berg

Practically every machine is custom-made. Weterings recently devised a new system that is going to be used by screen installers. With this machine it is possible to easily and quickly change the screening material. Weterings Mechanisatie, in collaboration with Valk Systemen, has come up with a force limiter for the pulling in of the screen material. This protection ensures that no wires or other installation parts get broken during the replacement of the screen material.

Rob: "One of the latest innovations is a fully pressurized controlled and electrically powered chalk installation. And, last but not least, the Super Chopper Compact. This crop shredder meets the highest emission standard in terms of particulate matter emissions, which makes it ideal for shredding intermediate crops in closed greenhouses. This way no soot particles will end up in the greenhouse."

From 2009 - 2010 Weterings Mechanisatie has also been focusing on the international market. Rob: "In many countries we can make a difference. The starting point is often still that crop changing is done manually. Which would be impossible in the Netherlands. Of course this is thanks to the large scale in the Netherlands and the extensive contract workforce.  Our solutions that we are offering abroad are often welcomed with joy. Something for everyone. We are offering our shredders in a large capacity range."

For more information:
Weterings Mechanisatie
Oude Hooislag 4
2691 NH 's-Gravenzande
T: +31(0)174 - 416 481

Publication date: 11/16/2017



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