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Scott Kosnik on Seald Sweet's expansion into vegetables

"It was a natural progression to grow our commodity line"

Seald Sweet have been growing and shipping fruit from their various locations for decades. With already successful growing programs established in Mexico, Seald Sweet wanted to expand their options for customers. They have now decided to enter the vegetable market and have already commenced growing and selling conventional and organic cucumber and soft squash varieties from their Mexico growing regions.

"Seald Sweet will have conventional & organic soft squashes (Italian, Yellow, and Grey), Slicer cucumbers, and Roma tomatoes," said Scott Kosnik, of Seald Sweet. "We have already started with field-grown soft squashes and cucumbers that are grown in shade houses. Soft squash on paper is a year-round program, and cucumbers will run until the end of April, early May."

Roma tomatoes are also on the horizon and will be available once the tomato season begins next spring. "The Roma tomatoes program is a Spring program, and will be available from early April through the end of June," Kosnik said.

Natural progression
According to Kosnik, the company had already established a strong relationship with growers and customers in the fruit lines and therefore wanted to expand their products into vegetables. With this in mind, they are hoping to offer more options for their customers. "It is/was a natural progression of Seald Sweet’s commitment to grow our commodity line out of Mexico," he noted. "Adding items to an ever expanding commodity portfolio to better serve our customers."

As for where the vegetables will be available, Seald Sweet already have an established customer network to be able to offer the new line across these markets. "With Seald Sweet’s rich history and fortified relationships, all markets are covered," Kosnik said. "They are not limited to certain stores so be on the lookout to see Seald Sweet label vegetables at the retail, wholesale, and foodservice levels."

More vegetables in the works
While cucumbers, squash and Roma tomatoes are in production now, Seald Sweet are looking to expand their vegetable line to include more options in the future. They believe that their experience as well as a positive outlook for their growing regions will lead to further successful programs in the future.

"There are a number of other commodities that we’re working on to bring to our portfolio in the near future, so stay tuned!" Kosnik continued. "Seald Sweet has become an industry leader by supplying high quality produce by high quality team individuals. The Seald Sweet vegetable program will continue this winning formula and will strive to meet the ever changing demand from our customers. The potential in Mexico is limitless."

For more information: 
Scott Kosnik
Seald Sweet, llc
Tel: 772-569-2244

Publication date: 11/15/2017



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