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The ten most expensive fruits in the world

What is the most expensive fruit in the world? Japanese cube-shaped watermelon? Ruby red grape? Ginseng pears? Wrong!

The ten most expensive fruits of the world, from cheapest to most expensive, are:

10— Ginseng fruits - He Bei, China. 
Inspired by "Journey to the West" (one of the Four Classic novels of Chinese Literature), an orchard worker name Xian Zhang Hao made the pears grow with baby faces and exported them into Europe. One baby-faced pear sells for 8 US dollars, which makes it one of the most expensive fruits in the world.

9 - Sekai-ichi apple - Japan

One Sekai-ichi apple weighs 1 kilo. Made in Japan, it is known as "No.1 in the world" at 21 US dollars each. It is said that these apples were assisted by humans during the pollination period and the finished products are washed by hydromel then packed by hand in order to avoid any damage or destroy the freshness.
8 - Dekopon Citrus - Japan
6 pieces of Dekopon Citrus in a box costs 80 US dollars. Made in Japan, it is reputed to be the sweetest orange in the world. Dekopon citrus are bigger than the ordinary oranges, there is an embossment on the top. In 2011, Dekopon Citrus were first exported to California in America. "It feels hard on the first bite, but very soon it will melt in your mouth," as described by the Los Angeles Times.
7 Sembikiya Queen Strawberry--Japan
12 strawberries in each box costs 85 US dollars. Red from the tip to the base, and the seed color is white. It looks so very perfect that people feel reluctant to eat it.

6 - cube-shaped watermelon--Japan

Japanese cube-shaped watermelon had been known for a long time. This kind of watermelon is not only sold expensively in the Japanese market, but also is exported to America. However, rather than eating them, Americans buy the cube-shaped watermelon more for curiosity. They place the watermelon in the living room and show it to their friends

5 - Pineapples of the Lost gardens of Heligan--England
The Lost Gardens of Heligan is the only place in the British isles that grows pineapples. The pineapples here are cultivated by straw, organic fertilizer and horse urine. Each crop takes two years, which makes it very expensive to buy - each pineapple costs over one thousand US dollars.

4 - Taiyo No Tamago--Japan
One pair of Taiyo No Tamago sells for 3000 US dollars. This kind of mango is called " the egg of the sun" in Japan. Each mango weighs 350 grams, contains abundant juice and tastes very sweet.

3 - Roman Grapes-- Japan
Each string of Ruby Roman holds 30 grapes, and every single grape weighs at least 20 grams. The auction price for one string of Ruby Roman Grapes is 9350 US dollars.

2 - Densuke Watermelon - Japan
Each Japanese Densuke Watermelon costs thousands of US dollars. It is not only sweet but also brings a special fragrance. 

1 - The Artistic banana
This is a piece of art. It is sold expensively since there are many artists found on the banana skin. A lot of rich people purchase this kind of banana, even though it can only preserved for several days, that's how the market formed.

Publication date: 1/11/2017



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