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MC3-Fruit: Smart controller for berry storage and cooling

Berries are vulnerable products which need to be treated very carefully to ensure their quality. In order to preserve berries, they need to be cooled to keep their quality and healthy properties, such as their many antioxidants. This storage process requires a highly controlled cooling process where temperature, humidity and ventilation should be precisely controlled.

The MC3-FRUIT is a smart storage controller for the cooling and storage of berries.

The MC3 series is characterized by its modular hardware structure. This means that there is always a suitable controller available for each project. One MC3-FRUIT can control up to five storage rooms with a maximum of eight evaporators each.

Each phase of the storage process requires different settings. The MC3-FRUIT has three preprogrammed phases, which can be set to your own hand:

  • Cool, once the berries are driven into the coldrooms, they often contain a lot of heat from outside. In the cool phase this heat is cooled out to a point that is required.
  • Store, when the berries have reached the required temperature, the controller can be switched to the store phase. In this phase, the cooling starts only once in a cycle time interval, in order to keep the temperature constant.
  • Standby, if the room is not in use, it can be put in the standby phase. In this phase, the cell starts cooling only if that is really required to supply hot gas to other rooms that are waiting to defrost.
A smart functionality of the MC3-FRUIT ensures that the maximum cooling capacity in the selected phase is not exceeded, which leads to an efficient usage of the connected cooling system.

VASP display at room level

Process monitoring
The MC3-FRUIT can be operated and read with a local control panel at the cell as well the VASP software on the PC. This season we will introduce our own smartphone app, even when you are away from the office you are in control.

The VASP software provides each user with the right information. All values can be read out simply and clearly, so you see exactly what happens inside the room. For the specialist, VASP offers comprehensive data analysis, so that we can accurately see whether the cooling is doing what it should do.

For more information:
Thomas Kalteren
VDH Products B.V.
Tel: +31 (0)50 302 89 00

Publication date: 5/11/2016



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