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Growing Media Association:

"Challenging year for growing media producers"

Rising costs and a poor harvest have created challenging trading conditions in 2017. Many manufacturers reported having only harvested 60-70% of their budgeted peat volumes. Despite dry weather in spring it has been followed by increasingly wet summer weather during July and August making harvesting more.....

RHP certification for AS Tootsi Turvas

Recently AS Tootsi Turvas has been RHP Horticulture certified for the product peat.Based on research and controls carried out by ECAS, the company meets the requirements as described in the RHP Product Certification Scheme. With the certification of AS Tootsi Turvas now in total 70 certified companies around.....

Choices in substrate for soft fruit crops

One of the most important choices a soft fruit grower has to make, is the choice of the substrate. The substrate needs to give the plants the best balance between water and air content. Some growers are choosing for an higher amount of water, to be assured the water amount is always “big” enough. For the.....

Choosing a substrate for hydroponic production

When selecting a substrate for growing hydroponic leafy greens, lettuces and microgreens, the type of production system should be one of the first factors David Kuack for Hort AmericasThe type of hydroponic production system a grower is going to use can impact his choice of substrate.“Any.....

A mixing model to predict rooting media properties

With a mixing model it is possible to predict the properties of a mix of 2-9 constituents in any ratio. Predicted parameters were EC, pH, nutrients, trace elements, water content, air content and degradability.A growing interest in peat alternatives, notably composts, resulted in the renewed demand for a.....

Scandinavian container organics to be phased out over next 10 years:

EU: Hydroponic cultivation no longer organic

Since November 2015, the Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission have negotiated in trialogue meetings on the new organic production regulation. Dutch State Secretary of Economic Affairs Van Dam calls the result "a heavily argued compromise that I can and will accept because of honored.....

WUR: Electric substrate heating bears more strawberry fruit

In a strawberry experiment, more fruit were harvested when using substrate heating than without heating. The test in Bleiswijk was carried out by Wageningen University & Research, BU Glastuinbouw with an everbearer strawberry variety from ABZ Seeds in a January planting with assimilation lighting. The.....

Precision Plus Ultra:

Botanicoir presents new growbag with unique open structure

VIDEO Taking the use of coir substrates to the next level, Botanicoir has launched a ground-breaking new product for the soft-fruit industry at Fruit Focus in the UK last week."We’ve created a new special mix tailored to berry crops, that nobody has made before – an industry first,” says Kalum Balasuriya, who.....