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New root-growth and plant development promoting fertilizer launched by Prayon

The Prayon Group, a world leader in the phosphates sector, is bringing out a new soluble fertiliser engineered to promote root growth and plant development. Marketed under the name Pbooster, this product will give plants a real boost by delivering just the right level of phosphates.

"Pbooster is a carefully measured mixture of polyphosphates and orthophosphates, designed to completely replace conventional phosphate-based fertilisers such as monopotassium phosphate", says Kurt Verhelst, Business Development Manager for Prayon's Horticulture Division. "To date, orthophosphates haven't been able to provide the level of phosphates a plant needs in certain circumstances. Thanks to its ideal combination of polyphosphates and orthophosphates, Pbooster means that this is no longer a problem since the phosphate it contains will not react with other substances and will not precipitate into irrigation tubes. It's a win-win situation for users!"

Pbooster can be used for fruit, vegetables and plants, grown either in containers or directly in the ground. It offers the benefit of a continuous supply of phosphate: the plant can take up the precise amount of phosphate and nutrients it needs at any time. "Orthophosphates are more sensitive to pH levels than polyphosphates", explains Kurt Verhelst. "Since polyphosphates are able to tolerate higher pH levels, they can be used to ensure that phosphate and other nutrients are more readily available. This promotes root growth and thus overall plant development!"
This new product being brought out by Prayon will be an addition to its Hortipray® range designed to meet the stringent demands of horticulturists and consumers alike. The very first product to be marketed under the Pbooster brand is geared primarily towards soilless grown plants; other formulations for soil grown crops will be available soon.

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Publication date: 2/19/2013





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