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Horticubes XL claim 3 days faster root penetration

Oasis presents new hydroponic seed propagation medium:

If you can shave three days off any task that usually takes ten, that’s a good thing, right? Introducing new Oasis Horticubes XL: Hydroponic Seed Propagation Medium – The first to dramatically improve root penetration and boost speed-to-transplant flexibility. See more fully-developed roots, visibly penetrating the bottom of the XL cube in just seven days. And, gain valuable control over your nursery crop time.
Created for the specific needs of pro hydroponic growers, its modified cell structure and unique chemistry promote faster, stronger root growth. Specialized density and drainage properties in a fine-cell design provide uniform moisture throughout the media – whether you use overhead irrigation or sub-irrigation. So nutrients are more readily available. New roots meet minimal resistance in XL’s cell structure. Push-outs are minimized, root penetration happens much faster, and secondary roots develop and grow much more easily. And a more vigorous root system means nutrients can be absorbed more efficiently, for stronger plants with faster growth.

In fact, XL has been proven to boost both root growth and top growth of seedlings by up to 35% over original Horticubes foam. This can mean quicker, more successful transplants and significant time savings for growers – so you’ll have the freedom to increase annual crop turns on plants like lettuce and herbs.
“With our new Horticubes XL foam, we’re setting a whole new propagation standard for professional hydroponic growers,” grins Dr. Vijay Rapaka, manager of grower research at Smithers-Oasis. “XL is quite revolutionary,” continues Rapaka, “as it’s able to dramatically enhance root development, providing 100% penetration in just seven days instead of the typical ten.”

"Faster root penetration. Better water distribution. Stronger, more uniform root growth. And more robust plants through the entire growing cycle. But that’s not all. Horticubes XL is also 100% safe for growing edible crops. Studies prove XL to be completely free of any pathogenic bacteria associated with foodborne illnesses. Studies also find no mutagenic properties in XL or plants grown in it, and no soluble organic compounds that could potentially affect plants. So your plantlets get a good, clean start and your crops will be safe and healthy to eat."

XL foam is also grower friendly, with no abrasive fibers to irritate your skin or your plants. There’s little to no dust or fibers to clog irrigation filters. Plus, its cubes can be separated quickly and cleanly, providing a labor savings and reduced transplant shock.
Different configurations of XL are available to suit different crop management needs and growing systems. The 276-cell sheet size is great for quicker turns, or choose 50-, 104-, or 162-cell sheets. Top and bottom grooving are also available, with bottom grooving a great choice for more fibrous root systems with minimal tangling. And different dibble hole options allow for single or multi-seed sowings. All of which helps Horticubes XL give an extra-large boost to your seed propagation success.
With all the different product variations, growers are able to gain valuable control over their nursery crop time. They can take full advantage of XL’s speedy root penetration to move crops out of their nursery sooner. Or they can choose to grow the seedlings in the nursery longer until they’re more developed to improve space efficiency. Either way, X L maximizes growing flexibility.
“We continue to push ourselves and our products in areas that help growers achieve even greater success. And our new Horticubes XL is a perfect example of how we’ve been able to do that specifically for commercial hydroponic growers,” concludes Dr. Rapaka.

For more information :
OASIS Grower Solutions
919 Marvin Street
Kent, OH 44240 USA
T: 800-321-8286, or 330-673-5831
F: 877-676-4409


Publication date: 2/4/2013





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