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Alice Ou, Eponic:

Chinese supplier provides full system from seed to crop

“We offer a whole system for plant factories”, Alice Ou, director of Eponic tells us. “From seeding to nursery, from grow control to an automatic harvest system”. At the Greentech in Amsterdam the Chinese company showed their system, and they showed up at the Cultivate in Ohio as well.

Eponic at Greentech 2018.

Eponic is a relatively new player in the horticultural market. For twenty years the company has been offering LED lights and control systems, which is a good basis. Now they’re focusing on hydroponic growing, in which light and control are also very important components.

“We wanted to develop a complete system that replaces most of the labour.” Alice shows a video of the system. “The construction is made of aluminum, which makes it light and strong. The lights are white instead of purple. They are suitable for every kind of plant because they light the whole spectrum. Also it is easier for the grower to see how the crops are doing.

The white trays we produced are light-weight. They are transported automatically over the rails to a lift that brings them down. We can adjust the system up to ten levels, so it can be used in large multi-layer farms.”

“We developed the system over the last two years and after intensive testing, it is ready to be put on the market. The first customers have already signed up. One in China and one in the US”, Alice says. “While the market for hydroponics is growing, as we see on events like Cultivate and Greentech, there are plenty of opportunities in the future.”

More information:
Eponic Agriculture

Publication date: 7/20/2018
Author: Jobke den Hertog



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