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Turkish tomatoes may alleviate Israeli shortage

Although there are sometimes tensions between Israel and Turkey, in the coming days, the Turkish Agriculture Ministry may call on its farmers to supply Israelis with tomatoes, as the prices rise and local supplies dwindle. In recent weeks, prices for tomatoes have risen as much as 150 percent per kilo, and Agriculture Ministry officials have promised to ensure that the price remains ‘within reason’.

The reason for the shortage of tomatoes is the hot weather Israel experienced in May. A significant number of tomatoes could not be harvested as a result, the Ministry said in a statement. Now there are shortages. The hot weather also affected Palestinian Authority and Gaza farmers, as well as farmers in Jordan. The Ministry has used all three of those sources to supply the Israeli market in the past, but as there are shortages there as well, those suppliers will not be able to fill Israeli demand.

Turkey is the closest market with enough tomatoes to fulfil Israeli demand at a reasonable price, officials said.


Publication date: 6/14/2018



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