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Piet Veenstra and Marco Evers of EVE Techniek:

"Automation is great, but only if it works"

More and more of the processes in greenhouse horticulture are being automated. Sometimes the entire harvest even appears to be done automatically. At EVE Techniek they know that this is of course not the case. Since august 2015 this engineering company, located in Klazienaveen in the Netherlands, has been active in the installation and maintenance of electro-technical and water technical installation in greenhouse horticulture. Piet Veenstra, together with Marco Evers are the founders of EVE Techniek: "Nowadays there is so much technique used in greenhouse horticulture.”

Marco Evers and Piet Veenstra
The two men of EVE Techniek have lots of experience in greenhouse horticulture. Both Marco and Piet have worked for a multitude of employees in this sector, in which they gained experience in installing Priva climate computers. Piet: “At Cogas Installatiegroep Marco and I were both service engineers. At that time we spoke about starting up our own company, but it didn’t happen back then. After a period apart we met again at Elektro Evers. There we finally realized our plans to start our own company.”

A good name
The first month they started business was relatively slow, but since then Marco and Piet have not been sitting idly by. Piet: “We immediately started reeling in and visiting costumers. With our previous work as service engineers we've been making a name for ourselves and we profit from that now. Among other things, word of mouth has been helping us get more orders.”

In the greenhouse of Emsflower

Communicating roof washers and sky windows
One of the big projects where EVE Techniek has installed electrotechnics, is at the expansion of Emsflower in Emsbüren. Both with the six acres expansion in 2016/2017 and in the twelve acres built recently, EVE Techniek has made the necessary electrotechnical and water technical installations in this combined vegetable and ornamental company. Piet: “We basically make sure that everything is connected from beginning to end in the right way, so that the climate computers of Priva can work optimally. Nowadays this involves a lot of sensors. At Emsflower for example they have five automatic roof washers that make sure enough light can enter the greenhouse. Those roof washers move around the roof of the greenhouse and need to be able to pass by the sky windows. Managing both the roof washers as well as the sky windows is done via computers. Those computers need to be able to communicate with each other to make sure the windows close when the roof washer comes by and up again when they have passed.”

An EVE-switchbox

Building switch-boxes
To make all the systems work optimally, good switch-boxes are required. EVE Techniek manufactures these in Klazienaveen, after which they are dropped at their location by truck. Piet: “At the location we hook the switch-box up and make sure everything is working smoothly. The switch-boxes are made up of components we have designed ourselves that, for instance, make the sky windows work automatically. The switch-boxes are about 3 meters wide.”

Without delay to Switzerland
EVE Techniek’s work doesn’t stop at the installation of their systems. They also have a breakdown service that is available 24/7 so that growers can always be assured a problem can be fixed immediately. Piet: “Recently we had to go to Switzerland where a climate computer stopped functioning. These days we can usually fix these problems remotely, but this time it appeared that we needed to solve the problem on the spot. In the night of Sunday to Monday we fixed the climate computer so the growers could start their week on Monday again.”

Due to the company’s growth since 2015, two permanent employees and one with a zero hour contract have joined the company. For Piet and Marco it is a challenge to also get younger generations enthusiastic about the business. Piet: “At the moment we are looking for two new electricians. For this we are intentionally looking for recent graduates but, like for every company, technically schooled people are hard to find. After the new electricians have finished their Priva education we will teach them about our field of work.”

In the future, more projects related to soft fruit cultivation are on the program. Piet: “Especially in strawberry cultivation a lot of new stuff like greenhouses and tunnels are built.Here we install Priva Connext with which the growers can perform drain measurements but also control the temperature and humidity in the greenhouses. The nice thing about our job is that no day is the same.”

For more information:
EVE Techniek

Publication date: 6/12/2018



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