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Pakistan: Tobacco growers are turning to vegetable farming

Use of modern farming techniques is helping farmers in the Swabi district (Pakistan) get good yield of bitter gourd and tomato, leading to a boost in their incomes.

During the last few years, it has been observed that a good number of farmers have switched from growing tobacco to vegetables and fruits, particularly bitter gourd and tomato, and are getting the desired yields thanks to introduction of the vertical farming method.

Talking to Dawn on Tuesday, growers said growing bitter gourd the traditional way did not yield the desired result, but use of the method had helped them get good crop.

In the past, the farmers said they did not give support to the bitter gourd crop, as a result, the plant spread over the land and during harvest the vegetable usually got damaged. Moreover, the crop was also exposed to diseases.

However, now the farmers grow the crop in a way known as vertical farming and from the very beginning the plant starts creeping upwards along the support made for it, giving the plant the required air and sunlight for better growth of the vegetable.

Publication date: 5/31/2018



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