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Marja Vijverberg, SweetPoint:

"Consumers are increasingly discovering the sweet pointed pepper"

There has been a definite increase in interest in sweet pointed peppers in recent years. This product has been grown at the Dutch growers association, SweetPoint, since 1996. Sales have, however, skyrocketed over the past few years. Marja Vijverberg of SweetPoint says, "Last year was not a good year for sweet pointed peppers. More growers are discovering this product. This led to a growth in acreage in 2017. This, in turn, meant there was too much supply, and the market got flooded."

In 2018, sales are also up. There is, however, a better balance between the supply and the growing demand. "Production has only been going for a month now. It started a bit late because of the low winter temperatures", says Marja. The cultivation of sweet pointed peppers is more intense than regular bell peppers. Their yield is also lower.

Harvest difficult to predict
Cultivating sweet pointed peppers is erratic and hard to control. This is the same case with bell peppers. This makes it difficult to predict the volumes. "Over the last few years we have learnt what to look for", Marja adds. "Sales are currently in perfect balance with the supply. Here, we are also dependent on the turnover in the shops. At the moment, this is good."

Three-quarters of the sweet pointed peppers are exported to neighbouring countries. This is done via the sales organisation, DOOR, and its partners. The peppers are sent to Germany, England and Scandinavia. Yet, a quarter of the product remains in the Netherlands, where there is an increased demand for the product. "We definitely see growth potential in the Dutch market. Consumers are increasingly discovering the sweet pointed pepper", concludes Marja.

For more information:
+31 (0) 174 671 300

Coöperatie DOOR U.A.
70 Honderdland
2676 LS Maasdijk
Tel: +31 (0) 174 286 237

Publication date: 5/16/2018



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