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"New jet tubes ideal for Next Generation Growing"

In Next Generation Growing it's of course all about the optimum use of resources. HS jet tubes can play an important role in this. "Together with electric fans, different roles are possible," Niclas Heescher of Novavert tells. "Not only can we ensure equal heating in all sectors, but we can also adjust cooling in sales areas, as well as for special applications spreading aerosols with scents or cooling mists. And of course there's humidity control."

Welding plastic films
For Novavert, one of the core activities besides the screening business is the welding of different plastic films. The company is a specialist in this and a customer asked whether they could also make some special jet tubes, fitted completely for Next Generation Growing and then also for Cannabis production. The company now offers a complete range of tubes. "We can use a multitude of different materials for this: from clear to opaque and from easily inflammable to fire-retardant and fire-resistant", Niclas explains. 

Size and patterns
An important topic in this is the size of the tubes, as well as the patterns. Niclas shows a photo of a tube being big enough to fit a car in it. "That might be a bit overdone for the greenhouse", he laughs. "We were just trying out several things. Should've probably used it for April Fools. More important is the size of the tubes combined with the pattern and the hole sizes and positions. With CNC precision, we can fit these to the growers wishes and utilities completely, to create the perfect circumstances for a certain crop."

This customization can be done also with the fixing options. Growers can choose from profiles, eyelets, hooks, wire - what they prefer themselves. The assortment broadens with the use of single-piece tubes and multi-piece tubes. "Many alternatives are available. We see the best performances and multi-versatility with the use of a quite simple solution with 2 panels on 2 profiles", says Niclas, showing how the installation can be done with wire (multiclips, existing wires or even clamps) and how jet tubes can be extended with zippers upon special order and even LED lights inside. 

"What matters most to us is the opportunity the Jet Tubes offer towards a more sustainable growth and a more homogeneous climate in the greenhouse. Plants can suffer from humidity in combination with little air movement easily and standard ventilation ducts of films often do not meet the quality standards set by growers. For an efficient distribution of fresh and warm air within the greenhouse, we offer the tailor-made Jet Tubes.'

For more information:
Novavert GmbH & Co.KG
Niclas Heescher
Hansaring 146
48268 Greven

Publication date: 5/14/2018
Author: Arlette Sijmonsma



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