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Scout robot detects plant abnormalities at an early stage

The IRIS! scout robot detects diseases, pests, deficiencies and other plant abnormalities at an early stage and also provides accurate fruit count and yield forecasting as well as detailed climate and environmental information. 

The presentation of the Greentech Concept Awards takes place during GreenTech 2018: the trade fair for greenhouse horticulture that takes place on 12, 13 and 14 June in Amsterdam. The IRIS! Scout robot has been nominated for the Greentech Concept Award. 

The system is unique because of its artificial intelligence brain and its ability to perform active learning. IRIS scout robot can better predict crop stress development and provide unique intelligence that can make crop protection efforts more efficient. This ensures considerable savings on labor and plant protection products as well as reduction in crop loss.

The IRIS! consists of the patented SABER TM sensor, mounted on a self-propelled trolley that operates autonomously in greenhouses with a tube-rail system. The Scout robot was developed by Metazet-Formflex, Ecoation and Micothon: all renowned names in greenhouse horticulture.

The IRIS! recognizes diseases, pests, deficiencies and abnormalities in the crops at an early stage. Scouting results are automatically stored in the cloud for immediate analysis and processing. Users can access the results on their PC, tablet or smartphone.

The robot AI and Deep Learning brain becomes increasingly smarter through active learning, and therefore, the crop stress detection and crop protection through the IRIS! scout robot will become increasingly better over time. Diseases no longer spread out of control, because they are recognized at early stages and can be treated in a timely manner.

The IRIS! scout robot provides significant savings on labor and plant protection products. The biggest saving, however, is the prevention of disease outbreaks through timely treatment.

The IRIS! is more than a scouting robot for recognizing crop stress. The platform is fitted with a gyro sensor to monitor the condition of the pipe-rail system. It also contains sensors for measuring humidity, ambient temperature, CO2, temperature of the plant and photosynthetic active radiation. The complete microclimate profile per plant is easily visualized in software. In addition, the robot provides accurate fruit counts and color assessment and can provide yield forecast for the entire greenhouse. All this makes optimal greenhouse management possible and enable growers to see their crop in much more details.

The collected data is securely stored in the cloud. The robot brains is protected against hacking due to its novel and patented cloud-based information protection protocol and state of the art IoT security standards.
The IRIS! is commissioned in a customer-specific way, adapted to your specific crop, greenhouse and climate. Only a limited number of these machines will be available for 2018.

The IRIS! is the result of an international collaboration between Metazet-Formflex, Ecoation and Micothon. Visit them at Greentech at booth number 12.107 in Amsterdam RAI.

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Publication date: 5/8/2018



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