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Photo Report: 6th Annual Indoor Ag-Con

Networking opportunities, interesting speakers and exploring new technologies. On the sixth edition of the Indoor Ag-Con it was al present and we will inform you completely on it. But first get ready for some photos! 

Organizer Newbean Capital every year unites the indoor farming industry in the Las Vegas Convention Center and on May 3rd & 4th this year it was no different. Networking opportunities were the main reason for many visitors to come to the event, but also the talks of the big players in the industry were visited very well.

The emerging indoor growing market attracts also many opportunists and it becomes clear during the event a lot is still to explore in the indoor farming market. From financing to closing the chain and from special bred varieties to focussing on the market, the indoor farming industry is developing rapidly but offers many opportunities for further growth. 

An important topic in the industry is the rise of new crops. After the leafy greens of course cannabis is also a settled crop by now, but what else is on the horizon? Strawberries for sure, but also other medical plants and growing opportunities are talk of town. 

Over the next couple of weeks we'll update you completely on the opportunities in this growing industry. Let's take a look at some photos first! 

Publication date: 5/7/2018
Author: Arlette Sijmonsma



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