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US (CA): Take a peek inside Leo Overgaag's North Shore Farm

More than 30 years ago, third-generation greenhouse grower Leo Overgaag and his wife, Suzette, uprooted their family from Santa Barbara to plant roots in the Coachella Valley. There, they pioneered the idea of growing and selling living herbs for the culinary world.

Today, North Shore Living offers 21 varieties of culinary herbs grown in hydroponic greenhouses. The name North Shore comes from the fact that the greenhouses are located on the north shore of the Salton Sea, one of the world's largest inland seas. Because of the Overgaags' location and proprietary growing methods, they are able provide a steady, consistent supply of fresh herbs throughout the year.

The Overgaags grow the herbs in state-of-the-art greenhouses in computer-controlled environments, meaning they can control the temperature, nutrient intake and water flow to each and every plant. They then package each herb with its roots still attached so customers are getting some of the freshest herbs around—herbs that will last up to two weeks.

Watch the video at California Bountiful.

Publication date: 4/16/2018



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