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drive-through for strawberries opened up in Netherlands

A McDrive? No, a McStrawberry!

Now there is another way to enjoy strawberries while you are out and about. No roadside stall, no automatic vending machine; it is a real drive-in. This week, 'Aardbeien Drive-in J&B' opened on the well-known strawberry roundabout in the Dutch town of Uden, Netherlands. This weekend traffic was jamming up, says Welle van den Elzen. Strawberries of his father's nursery are sold at the drive-through.

The plans for the drive-in were already in place last year. During a test run, the idea proved to be quite popular. "We already have a good reputation in the area so we expect this venture to be a success", says Welle. Customers already know where to find the place. The strawberry drive-through is at the strawberry roundabout at Junction 14 on the A50 in Uden. Since it's opening a couple of weeks ago, it's getting busier and busier every day. "Also during weekdays we see the amount of visitors grow and even on Monday morning people find us. Especially on sunny days people are looking for strawberries."

Upon their arrival at the drive-in, customers can place and pay for an order on their iPad. They can then drive through to the window where they will receive their order. Fresh strawberries, strawberry jam and strawberry ice cream can already be found in the vending machine. This range has been expanded to include:

- Fresh Belgian waffles with strawberries with/without whipped cream
- Strawberry smoothies with mint or ginger
- Strawberries dipped in dark or white Belgian chocolate
- Strawberries and whipped cream

"We didn't think the strawberries dipped in chocolate would be the success they have proven to be", Welle says. "In the machines we don't sell them that often, but in the drive-through they cover half of the sales."

For more information:
Aardbeien Drive-In
8a Looweg
T: + 31 (0) 683 000 9584

Publication date: 4/9/2018



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