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32 controlled climate rooms for new research lab Enza Zaden

Nijssen realized 32 climate rooms for breeding company Enza Zaden in their new research facilities in Enkhuizen. The controlled environment rooms are designed and specifically equipped for a wide range of applications: in-vitro rooms, rooms for tissue culture and vernalization, a physiology room, post-harvest rooms and a seed storage room with airlock. The cooling installation also includes a CO2 installation and various water installations, including for osmosis water and feed water. 

Last year, Nijssen completed already 22 climate rooms and 2 steam cells for the new greenhouse complexes in this extensive expansion program.

Two temperature circuits
For efficient temperature control, Nijssen opted for several temperature ranges. The temperature is regulated per climate chamber by switching between these different circuits. The high temperature circuit connects to Enza's soil storage system via a separator exchanger. For the low temperature circuit, Nijssen assembled its own cooling installation from various components to provide an optimal match with the formulated requirements and wishes.

Lifting frames for lighting
To achieve a more even air distribution, the air coolers in various rooms are equipped with air socks. Various rooms have a height of 5 meters and are therefore equipped with tailor-made hoisting frames with the assimilation lighting.

User-friendly control system
The user-friendly Nijssen Control system provides control and visualization of all functions in the conditioning of the rooms. The system monitors all settings and displays these in clear and concise overviews and graphs. With the press of a button all test settings can be saved in a recipe.

Previous projects for Enza Zaden
In 2016 Nijssen already realized 22 climate chambers and 2 steam cells for two greenhouse complexes of Enza Zaden. These stainless steel cells are used for the disinfection of materials. Nijssen is currently realizing several climate cells for a new germination lab for Enza Zaden.

For more information:
Nijssen BV
Bio Science Park
Einsteinweg 3
2333 CC Leiden
+31 (0)71 521 62 14

Publication date: 3/1/2018



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