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Maximum of four grammes

Dutch grower presents extra small tomato

During the Fruit Logistica, Greenco, together with colleague grower Nico Duijvestijn, launched Tommies Mini Toppers. According to Greenco, the new tomatoes are sweet, crunchy, and above all, small. “Ideal to use in meals, because they don’t need to be sliced. A gap on the market within applications of tomatoes,” the company said. Jumbo is the first national retailer to carry this innovation in the Netherlands. They’ll be available from week 12.

Managing Partner of Greenco, Jos van Mil: “The tomatoes from Tommies Mini Toppers are special. These are small tomatoes with a maximum weight of four grammes and a brix of at least nine. A tomato this small with such a sweet flavour is very surprising. Moreover, the tomatoes can easily be used in meals, because they don’t need to be sliced.”

Much research was done before the new type of tomato could be improved. Research from RIVM shows we’re still not eating enough vegetables. “Consumers want to, but think it’s too difficult to reach the daily amount of prescribed vegetables. We want to respond to that with Tommies Mini Toppers,” says marketing manager Yvonne Vanlier. “The small, crunchy tomatoes can easily be sprinkled over your salad, pizza or pasta, and turn every meal into a festive occasion. Eating vegetables becomes a bit easier this way.”

100% recycled packaging
The refined, remarkable packaging stands out on the tomato shelves. Greenco worked intensely with suppliers to develop a sustainable packaging. The entire Tommies Mini Toppers packaging is made from 100 per cent recycled material. The tray is made from recycled PET, the revenue band from recycled paper.

Tommies Mini Toppers come from Greenco’s ambition to help people eat the daily amount of vegetables in a fun and easy way. The cooperation with Kwekerij Nico Duijvestijn is an example of the cooperative thought Greenco strives for.

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Publication date: 2/14/2018



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