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This is how Pure Harvest Smart Farms will grow vegetables year-round in the UAE desert

By the use of conditioned air and over-pressure it is possible for Pure Harvest Smart Farms to grow vegetables in the UAE desert, near Abu Dhabi. The solution being used for this is the SuprimAir Technology, created by Certhon. Pure Harvest Smart Farms is the first to implement this technology in the Gulf Region. 

Growing vegetables year-round and supplying the Gulf Region with locally grown, fresh produce. That's the goal the UAE company Pure Harvest Smart Farms has set for themselves. "Top quality produce, but locally grown, to Dutch standards", they explain. "By using world-leading high-tech, climate controlled greenhouse production technology we want to deliver vine crops, like tomatoes, capsicum, strawberries, cucumbers, eggplants, etc." The company is also aiming for a wide portfolio of controlled-environment agriculture technologies like vertical farms and container-based growing solutions to deliver a wide variety of fresh produce. 

Control all growing conditions
For the Pure Harvest team of course the high temperatures are a big challenge in greenhouse production. The year-round production of vegetables will be possible with the use of the novel semi-closed greenhouse technology SuprimAir. 

The SuprimAir technology is a climate system to control all growing conditions for year-round production. According to the Certhon team, it has proven its advantage in many climates. "By the use of conditioned air and over-pressure there is always a perfect climate to grow vegetables. The over-pressure ensures insects and bugs are banned. Use of pesticides is not needed, making a healthier and clean product than elsewhere."
Year round in desert
The SuprimAir performs throughout the whole year disregarding outside temperatures, not only temperature but also humidity levels are controlled inside by a fully computer controlled combination of efficient ventilation and cooling. In this perfectly balanced situation the yearly yield to a traditional greenhouse can easily increase with +15%. Local produce becomes available in the summer months for the UAE, with the same uniform quality as any other season. Using hydroponic drip-irrigation, with full re-use of irrigation water, the water usage is limited to the minimal. 

With over 120 years of experience Certhon is one of the leading Dutch horticulture solutions providers in the world. Their SuprimAir Technique is popular in France. "Both tomato producing companies Le Jardin de Rabelais and Poumo d’amour have experienced the benefits of the SuprimAir that Pure Harvest will experience now." 

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Publication date: 2/6/2018
Author: Arlette Sijmonsma



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