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Soil to hydroponics: 50%-100%+ increase in tomato and pepper production

After 10 years of growing in the same soil, the Cravo team decided this year to do a comparison of tomato and colored bell pepper production in the soil and in a hydroponic system at their demonstration and training center in Culiacan Mexico.

"We transplanted the crops on September 6, 2017 into the soil and the hydroponic system inside the retractable roof house that has stationary insect net installed below the retractable white cooling roof. A second planting will be done in early February to produce into the summer heat", they tell. 

Tomatoes (above) and Peppers          Tomatoes (above) and peppers  
(below) in Soil                                  
(below)hydroponically grown

1.8kg of beefsteak tomatoes           4.6 kg harvested from
harvested from 10 plants                10 plants in the hydroponic
in the soil (variety Evimeria)            system (142% increase)

.96kg of red bell pepper                 1.9kg of red bell pepper
harvested from 10 plants grown      harvested from 10 plants
in the soil                                      grown hydroponically

.995kg of yellow mini bell                2.125kg of yellow mini bell
peppers harvested from                 peppers harvested from
10 plants grown in the soil             10 plants grown hydroponically

For more information about the crop performance and minimal disease and insect challenges that were faced inside the retractable roof with insect net, watch this video.

For more information:

Publication date: 2/5/2018



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