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Mastronardi Produce, Stoffels Tomatoes, La-Palma and Perfection Fresh

Grower quartet throws weight behind Toma'Muse concept

Next week on the Fruit Logistica a remarkable collaboration between breeding company TomaTech, and 4 world leading produce companies is presented. Mastronardi Produce (Canada), Stoffels (Belgium) La-Palma (Spain) and Perfection Fresh (Australia) launch the Toma'muse concept together.

This “breeder – fresh producer” collaboration is one of the first of its kind where the breeder owns the variety while producers own and market the Toma’Muse brand in their respective markets. "Toma'Tech owns the genetic material, while the producers own the brand", the Toma'Tech team explains. "They can sell the products in each of their respective markets."

This 'go-to-market' market strategy, suggested by Stoffels, divides the Toma'muse brand among three continents. "This strategy will allow the Toma’Muse brand to span over North America, Europe, and Australia, making it one of the only international brands of its kind."

Muse of taste
Toma'Muse is a distinctive tomato variety when it comes to taste and shape. "With a brix of 9, the flavour can be described as sweet and aromatic. This flavour intensifies while being eaten. Consumers often compare it with a good glass of wine. The most distinctive characteristic is its strawberry-like appearance, combined with a deep purple-red taste. Its firm structure and crisp bite make it an ideal kitchen tomato. The Toma'Muse is easy to slice and does not lose much juice. Perfect for a colourful salad or attractive oven-grilled dish."




Consumer packaging
Stoffels Tomaten, the Belgium partner, is ready to roll out the Toma'muse concept. "We have been working hard, over the last few months, on new consumer packaging for this unique tomato", says Petra Veldman, one of the Managers at this company. "The international agreements over the name and look, as well as the look of the joint project, had to be kept in mind. The result also had to fit in with the Stoffels corporate brand and the newly completed rebranding of the whole Toma' line. The reactions to the finished product have been very positive. The Toma'muse will be in the shops soon."

The Toma'muse tomato is available from Stoffels in 3kg, 1.5kg and 250g packs. On the Fruit Logistica, the company will also highlight the three product groups their business revolves around. The renewed Automato will be at their stand. The story behind Toma'chef, of which there are numerous varieties, will also be explained at the trade show. The Toma' line, which was the best-selling retail package this past year, has undergone a complete rebranding. It will be displayed, in its entirety, at the show.

For more information:
TomaTech Ltd.
Tel:+972 (0) 8 9315920
Fax:+972 (0) 8 9315975
Oppenheimer 5. Park Rabin,
Rehovot 76701, Israel

Stoffels Tomaten

Publication date: 2/2/2018



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