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Super berry is ideal for Canadian weather

Haskap berries: great possibilities for Canada

Regional district Bulkley-Nechako in Canada’s British Columbia currently just has three producers growing haskap berries, but there seems to be plenty of opportunity for growth. Debbie Evans, the district’s agriculture coordinator: “There is definitely an opportunity for growth of the haskap industry within the district, especially if a distillery is established.”

The super berry is ideal for the Canadian weather, being able to withstand -40 C temperatures. The flowers have been known to survive and set fruit after withstanding -11 C.

Evans says key to growing haskap is knowing about pollination. “All varieties of haskap need a pollinator type of berry bush in order to have optimum berry growth. You need one pollinator plant for every five haskap plants. Bees and other insects are also key to good pollination.” reports how the super berry could be one of the ways to diversify the regional economy, that has been heavily dependent on the forest products industry. Haskap berries are currently sold out of the field for about $ 7-11 a pound. A hectare of these berries could generate over $ 173,000 a year.

Apart from presenting benefits to producers, the super berry is also considered a healthier option for consumers, given that haskap berries are rich in antioxidants.

Publication date: 1/30/2018



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