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New device that prevents load in pallet trucks from falling

A protective device for moving pallets has just been launched into the market; a practical and affordable solution that will allow operators to move pallets across a warehouse or wholesale market without them having the slightest chance of falling.

The device relies on a manually operated mechanism that has the capacity to secure and stabilise the load on the corresponding pallet and ensure a safe transfer of the same.

"There is a wide range of means for the handling and transfer of cargo pallets, such as the classic electric pallet trucks or forklifts, as well as other manual mechanisms. In any of these cases, the pallet with the load is lifted by a pair of lifting bars that are inserted into the pallet, so that the load is not subjected to any type of lateral support. As a result, the load may oscillate or fall due to the inertias taking place while it's moving. Consequently, it would be desirable to laterally secure the load transported in the pallets, and to do so with means fitting the load's lateral dimensions," explains Carlos Margalef.

The device invented by Carlos Margalef has been conceived to solve this problem and is based on a simple, but highly effective structure. It reduces the time necessary to move pallets and avoids the need for help from third parties during the transfer to secure the load laterally, avoiding the danger that this entails.

"I developed this system for me at first, since as a worker in the sector I see that pallet dropping is very frequent, and it is a real nuisance, as well as dangerous. Seeing that it works perfectly, I decided to patent it, and soon it will be produced in a large-scale," he explains.

For more information:
Carlos Margalef
T: +34 654 33 40 63

Publication date: 1/24/2018



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