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New control system for Plate Seeder Machines DECOP 305

For more than 30 years Conic System has been manufacturing seeder machines. Following requests from customers, the company developed new systems adapted to their needs.

Not long ago, they created a new control system for the Plate Seeder Machines DECOP 305 which allows for a much more effective sowing, by means of an Artificial Vision System to control the processes.

The DECOP 305 belongs to the Seeder Line Conic System PRO335. The whole line is programmable and has automatic adjustments. This system lets nurseries upgrade their quality and standardize sowing procedures.

With the new Control Visio in the Seeder Head, it's possible to supervise the seeds selection directly before being sown, being available to define which precision we want and guaranty a seed in every alveoli.

The system analyses the seeds in the plate. If the percentage of failures (empty or double) is bigger than accepted, the seeder will repeat the placing of seeds on the plate until the performance will be right.

The system also adjusts the aspiration and speed of the seeds tank to get the better results.

With this sowing control new system, the DECOP305 has 100% accuracy, according to Conic System.

Conic System is present at the IPM 2018. Visit them to see the DECOP 305 in booth 3A72, Hall 3.

For more information: 
Conic System

Publication date: 1/26/2018



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