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US (NC): Yara opens new warehouse facility in Wilmington

To better serve the growing Mid-Atlantic agriculture industry, Yara North America will open a new warehouse facility in Wilmington, North Carolina on February 1, 2018. Customers in the region will now have quicker, more convenient access to the company’s crop nutrition solutions. The new warehouse will be located at the Carolina Marine Terminal, at 3300 River Road, which is in close proximity to the NC State Port at Wilmington, NC. Additionally, Yara will keep in place the warehouse in Smithfield, NC thus giving dealers and growers in the Mid-Atlantic two convenient warehouses to pick up Yara products.

“Yara is committed to providing effective, and agronomically sound crop nutrition solutions to help Mid-Atlantic Region growers add value to their operations,” said, George Simpson, Senior Sales Agronomist for Yara. “In particular, the new warehouse will enable us to better serve growers’ short season, high value crop needs in a timely fashion.”

The two crop nutrition solutions that will be available through the new warehouse are YaraLiva Tropicote and YaraLiva Calcinit. Both products have a long history of benefiting the region through increased yield and quality across all crop types, particularly tobacco, fruits and vegetables. The YaraLiva product portfolio features Yara’s high quality calcium nitrates (Tropicote for dry application and Calcinit for fertigation).

The warehouse features a new bulk storage facility, new bulk load-out, new bagging system and new bagged product facility. YaraLiva Tropicote will be available in bulk, bulk bags and 50# bags while YaraLiva Calcinit will be available in bulk bags and 50# bags. The warehouse will be fully functional February 1st. TWIC is not required.
“We are excited to have this new warehouse in Wilmington, NC. Our goal in opening this new facility in partnership with Carolina Marine Terminal is to provide dealers and growers in the Mid-Atlantic with YaraLiva Tropicote and YaraLiva Calcinit in closer proximity to the crop production areas. In agriculture, time is always of the essence and with our new facility we hope to simplify the logistics in receiving Yara crop nutrition solutions.” said Simpson.

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Publication date: 1/19/2018



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