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Indonesia: Future Agro Challenge finalists announced

In 2017, the Future Agro Challenge (FAC) visited Indonesia for the first time. FAC is a global competition aimed at finding startups in the fields of food and agriculture that have the potential to be invested.

In collaboration with Angel Investment Network Indonesia (ANGIN) and Block71 Jakarta, the FAC Indonesia has selected ten finalists ranked as follows:

1. Biteback
The oil that Biteback has created is of the same consistency as regular cooking oil, and testers said they didn’t notice any difference in taste. And because the oil is made of insects, it’s high in iron, addressing another core problem: anemia caused by iron deficiency. Biteback’s insect oil could do more than help with deforestation, it could also provide the world with a vital nutrient in an easy-to-use method.

is an application that can provide agricultural information to farmers, producers of agricultural products, and government. With this application, farmers can get information on how to grow good crops. On the other hand, producers and governments can also find out what the farmers need, and monitor the prices of agricultural products in the market.

3. Jala
Jala is a device that monitors water condition in the shrimp farm. Jala can solve the problem of shrimp farming by measuring, analyzing and presenting all of the recommendations based on water quality condition. Jala was designed to help shrimp farmers and increase farmers' response to keep the water quality and alleviate human error.

4. Crowde
is a crowd-investing platform for sustainable agriculture projects that connects small-scale farmers with retail investors through its digital platform. It is targeting small-scale community based farmers who are not able to get a loan from traditional banks (not bankable projects).

is a Smart Farming Platform that enhances the productivity of agricultural companies that works with smallholder farmers. This platform created by CI Agriculture / Dattabot helps farmers to collect data and analyze the condition of agricultural land related to maintenance activities and crop harvest, including on field potential, farm inputs management, anticipation of pest and disease.

6. GrowPal
GrowPal is the first aquaculture investment digital platform (Agri-Fintech) in Indonesia that bridges together between the backers (owners of capital / investors / sponsors), landowners, fishery farmers and crop buyers. GrowPal provides two investment options namely Crowd Investing and Premium Investment. Currently, they are still focused on developing marine fisheries and have not penetrated freshwater fisheries.

7. PanenID
is a platform that can help farmers to directly sell crops directly to consumers, to the owners of hotels, restaurants, and catering. According to the company, the platform can maintain the stability of food prices and provide a uniform advantage for all parties.

8. Magalarva
is a bioconversion facility that convert organic waste using Black Soldier Flies (BSF) into protein isolate for animal feed which is mainly imported by the local animal feed producers in Indonesia.

9. Pandawa Agri Indonesia
Pandawa Agri Indonesia is an agrochemical company that focuses on eliminating the use of synthetic pesticides in agriculture.

10. Umitron
provides computerized aquaculture model by detecting fish behaviour and oceanography data from IoT and satellite.

Source: TECH IN ASIA via

Publication date: 1/11/2018



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