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Groen Agro Control to expand locally and internationally

"Starting a lab abroad"

According to Michel Witmer, there is a lot of movement at the Dutch laboratory Groen Agro Control. "This year, we are going to expand by connecting the two buildings we find ourselves in at the moment. This will mean a lot of extra space. We are also going to start a lab abroad."


Over the last few years, a number of accredited analyses have been added to those on offer from this laboratory. "We have now received accreditation for the screening of a whole host of mycotoxins in grains." These are Aflatoxin B1 - B2 - G1 - G2, Ochratoxin A, Deoxynivalenol, Zearalenone, Fumonisin B1 and B2, T-2 Toxin, HT-2 Toxin and Nivalenol. "We will also, very shortly, get gluten accreditation. This offers a whole range of new possibilities. With the gluten and mycotoxin analyses, we can be of even more use to the grain, nuts, herb and spices producers." 

More courses offered

This year, Groen Agro Control is also expanding its range of courses, says Michel. "We are organising the first basic courses on Residues on 15 March and 20 September. On 8 March and 13 September, there will be basic courses on Microbiology. These basic courses are meant for people in the Agricultural and Food Stuffs industries who have very little knowledge of these two subjects. In one afternoon, they can visit a lab and get more information about these topics."

Groen Agro Control is also investing in soil and crop research in arable land, full ground cultivation and livestock farming. "This is a new department within our company. My colleague, Joke de Geus, will be at the Bio Fair on Thursday to tell everyone all about this." Michel says there is an increasing demand for controls in the areas of microbiology, nutritional values and vitamins. The demand for Groen Agro Control's services from the organic sector is also clearly on the rise. "We are working more and more with the organic sector. We have a great relationship with this sector, for which we are grateful."

Fungal growth on maize: mycotoxins.

Groen Agro Control is at the Dutch Bio Fair this year (stand no. 182). Visitors to their stand will receive information about the latest developments in analyses in the areas of food safety and quality. 

For more information:

Michel Witmer
Groen Agro Control
1 Distributieweg
2645 EG Delfgauw
+ 31 (0 152 572 511

Publication date: 1/10/2018



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