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Italy: Bad weather affects bergamot and tomatoes in Calabria

Coldiretti Reggio Calabria reported that strong winds and storms have hit the Ionian coast of the Reggio Calabria province for over 22 hours on 3rd and 4th January 2018. Surveys are underway to assess the damage.

The municipalities of Bianco, Africo, Brancaleone, Palizzi, Bova, Bova Marina, Condofuri, San Lorenzo, Roghudi, Roccaforte and Montebello Ionico were particularly affected. Operators in this area reported structural damage to warehouses and buildings as well as the eradication or damage to bergamot trees. Fruits have fallen to the ground and can no longer be used.

A PO from Calabria explains that "the strong wind meant most of the fruits fell to the ground. As we are in a rather advanced stage of the campaign, considerable quantities had already been harvested and destined to both the processing industry and fresh produce markets. What fell to the ground can no longer be used for commercialisation, but maybe it could be destined to the processing industry."

Flooded fields (Photo:

Greenhouses in San Lorenzo, Condofuri, Palizzi and Brancaleone dedicated to the production of high-income crops such as tomatoes etc. were heavily damaged. Open-field crops were also heavily hit, as even mulching films were damaged. 

A low-pressure front has also been hitting north-west Italy over the past few hours, with rain and heavy snow on the Biella Alps and north of Vercelli. Some roads have been closed in Valle d'Aosta. The situation is expected to last at least until 9th January.

As reported by, the danger of avalanches is high (level 4) on most of the Alpine sector also due to the wind. In the plain, heavy rain (70-80 millimetre peaks) may cause floods and local minor streams may overflow. The Maddalena Pass between Italy and France was closed due to the snow.

Danger of avalanches: the road to Cervinia has been closed and 100 people were evacuated in Champoluc (Photo: Twitter - Tgcom24)

The danger of avalanches is high in Veneto as well, as 50-70 centimetres of fresh snow are expected for 9th January in the southern Dolomites and central-eastern Pre-Alps.

Publication date: 1/10/2018



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