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Agrotech Didam has started the fourth phase of 27 ha

Russia: Agrokultura Group to expand again

The Russian Agrokultura Group is expanding again. This year, a 27 hectare high-tech greenhouse will be built in the Moscow region. Agrotech Didam B.V. has signed the contract for the delivery. The building and construction partner of Agrotech Didam B.V. is PCF Greenhouse Technologies LTD from Moscow.

For Agrotech Didam B.V. this is the fourth contract after completion of 10 ha in 2015, 12 ha in 2016 and 21 ha in 2017. This new 27 ha high-tech cucumber / tomato greenhouse project is fully equipped. It includes a 2 ha nursery area with ebb and flood floors and hoist heating system for the young plant compartment, screening and energy saving system, assimilation lighting, high pressure mist system and an advanced heating with a Delta T of 46 degrees Celsius (+ 18C ° - 28C °). 

The project is equipped with an irrigation system for interplanting with hanging gutters, Ultra violet and a Priva Connext computer for climate, CO2, water and other advanced controls. 

The new 27 ha high-tech greenhouse project will be supplied and delivered by Agrotech Didam B.V. The foundation and water discharge are already on the building site, and the construction materials for a 2-hectare young plant greenhouse are already delivered. 

The transport of the 25 ha tomato and cucumber greenhouse with full heating, shading and energy saving screens starts in the coming weeks. The full computerized systems for heating, CO2, irrigation and other installations for the greenhouses are at this moment in order and production. 

Agrotech Didam B.V. has, just as before, the full supervision of this new 27 ha project.

For more information:
Agrotech Didam BV
Lichtenhorststraat 1           
6942 GS Didam         
The Netherlands           
Phone   +31 ( 0 ) 316 227889     
Fax       +31 ( 0 ) 316 226125

Publication date: 1/5/2018



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