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Two new early asparagus varieties

The demand from the market for early cropping asparagus varieties continues to grow. After a lengthy, and carefully run series of trials, Limgroup has succeeded in launching two new varieties, Aspalim and Frühlim, in a short time frame. These varieties perfectly satisfy the market demands in both the green and white segment.

Frühlim is ideal for white asparagus cultivation in moderate climate zones. This variety was quickly compared to Gijnlim, and is certainly a good comparison regarding earliness. However, Frühlim offers a clearly better spear thickness than Gijnlim. Frühlim’s spear thickness is comparable to that of Backlim. This offers huge advantages compared with Gijnlim, particularly on light, sandy soils. Frühlim produces a stable, reliable high yield with excellent flavour. The best results can be  achieved with Frühlim using a planting distance of 3.5 to 4 plants per metre.

The easiest way to characterise Frühlim is by taking the best points of the other varieties as a guideline:
- as early as Gijnlim,
- as thick as Backlim,
- as productive as Grolim.

Aspalim has been developed for green asparagus cultivation in moderate climate zones. Aspalim offers all the characteristics that could potentially make it the new benchmark in the green segment. The combination of high, early production and  excellent quality means it is already being labelled the new and improved Gijnlim by certain growers. And justifiably so, if the results achieved in the multiyear trials under practical conditions are anything to go by!

Aspalim flourishes on heavy and light soils and gives good results at planting distances of 3.5 to 4.5 plants per metre.

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Publication date: 1/2/2018



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