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Lighting in tomato greenhouses with high energy prices?

On Friday December 15 the last 2017 tour of the lighting group of Lycopersicon cvba took place. The companies Sibon bvba, Primato and Van Bulck Tuinbouwbedrijf bvba in Duffel and Putte were visited on this tour. There they saw various varieties of cherry tomatoes through to beef tomatoes.

After obtaining the cultivation information from Jens Van Noten, the state of the crops was judged. During the group discussion, current matters were also discussed more deeply as well as the state of the crops. How do growers handle using lighting when there are high energy prices like there were last week? Cultivation technical questions also came to pass, such as the measures that should or should not be taken to build up the population of useful insects.

The new greenhouse at the company belonging to Kevin Pittoors was also viewed. He also happily shared the reasons for the choices he made in his layout. After the inspection of a number of varieties that looked strong, the various cultivation technical aspects were discussed, such as the amount and frequency of watering.

Finally, the day was ended with a visit to the greenhouse of Johan Van Bulck. Here they paused to consider the biology, in which Filip Van Langenhove of Koppert gave an extensive explanation of the use of Macrolophus in the nursery and the use of bumblebees within cultivation under light. After the greenhouse visit Geert Mortelmans of Lycopersicon cvba closed with a presentation and a final moment of discussion. The informative afternoon was completed with a pint or soft drink for those who were thirsty.

Author: Bert Thienpondt - Cultivation advisor Lycopersicon cvba
For more information and participation:
Lycopersicon cvba
Geert Mortelmans
+32 497 974 455

Publication date: 1/2/2018



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