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Demand highest for purple variety

Greenhouse grown baby eggplant year-round from Ontario

Baby eggplant gets shipped year-round from Ontario greenhouses. “We ship baby eggplant 12 months a year with the peak season being early spring through end of summer,” says Chris Mastronardi, President/CEO of Double Diamond Farms.

Stable market for greenhouse eggplant
The traditional purple variety has the greatest demand and has the most movement into higher-end retailers and specialty stores. Other varieties include Graffiti, White and Sicilian eggplant. “Being a hothouse specialty item the market is very stable in comparison to a field eggplant,” he says. Because of Double Diamond Farms’ production standards and quality control, Mastronardi says they have a very loyal consumer following and steady demand. The current season is a popular one for eggplant; Mastronardi anticipates sales to be strong into the New Year. “Baked eggplant dishes are definitely a comfort food and delicious at this time of year.” 

Last month the company announced its plans for acreage expansion this season of an organic cucumber facility in Kingsville, Ontario in an effort to significantly increase organic production. Mastronardi is confident that the new range will meet these needs and set the stage for future organic growth. There are also plans for a new farm with over 120 acres. “Phase 1 is just about ready for planting and we will complete our first harvest in early 2018. It will include beefsteak tomatoes, eggplant and other specialty items,” he says.

Mastronardi believes it’s a very exciting time to be in the industry. “We are seeing lots of change across the board. We are very proud to be growing our acreage with our new farm, expanding our organic production and launching a snacking line for kids.” Continued investment in technology and sustainability is something he says they’re committed to in order to grow the most flavorful produce.  
For more information:
Chris Mastronardi
Double Diamond Farms
Ph: 1-866-326-1200

Publication date: 12/21/2017



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