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UK: Do you monitor for chlorate and perchlorate?

Do you monitor for chlorate and perchlorate? If not, perhaps you should start now. Send produce samples to a UKAS accredited lab for analysis. Ask for both contaminants to be tested as it works out cheaper than ordering separate tests because both residues can be quantified at the end of the same analytical method.

Chlorate monitoring is still in place and although non-compliant produce is not being taken off the shelf growers must note that the Commission is deliberating on MRLs to be imposed (the current statutory chlorate MRL is 0.01mg/kg). Any suggested MRLs will be put out to public consultation before being made into law. Note that the Commission has started deliberating on perchlorate MRLs and for fresh produce with the below being mooted:

What chlorate and perchlorate levels are you getting? Is your produce compliant? A big data set is needed to support a UK grower position and the more results there are, the better. Start pooling chlorate and perchlorate data and if you have it already, submit it, with an explanation of where you think the residue is arising from to

Publication date: 1/3/2018



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