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Pup Patrol meets Bug Brigade

Four months have now passed since Chili joined the Bug Brigade at NatureFresh, and itís safe to say she is earning her keep. The thought of having a full-time working dog on a farm is an entirely new concept to the industry, and the initial uncertainties have all but faded now that Chili, and her handler, Tina, are developing a comfort level with their new positions and responsibilities.

Skeptics aside, Chili has demonstrated with ease her ability to sniff out a single, tiny Pepper Weevil during her training sessions, as well as during demonstrations for guests and fellow employees. The positive attention and response NatureFresh have seen regarding her abilities and presence around the farm has been outstanding. As Chili and Tina enter a new work area, people stop what they are doing and watch her work.

Read more at the NatureFresh blog

Publication date: 12/13/2017



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