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Vietnam: TAP completes new phase in 24-hectare greenhouse

Teshuva Agricultural Projects (TAP) completed another phase of installation and operation of high-tech soilless-culture farm, in Tam Dao, Vietnam. "This is a major step forward in completion of a project started in November of 2015 in which over 24 hectares of advanced vegetable and leafy vegetable production sites has been installed in six different locations around Hanoi and on Phu Quoc island in the south of Vietnam", says Avner Shohet, CEO of TAP.

VinEco, a subsidiary of VinGroup, the largest holdings company in Vietnam, is leading the trend of upgrading the quality and food safety of vegetables consumed in Vietnam. VinEco commissioned TAP to execute its ambitious project that is aimed to feed the people in Vietnam with healthy fresh produce that is pesticide free. On a turnkey project TAP also provided professional seminars to VinEco's farm managers and company executives and had its own highly experienced growers on-site, working with their Vietnamese counterparts to maximize productivity implementing strict production protocols following sustainable growing methods.

The first phase was installed in Tam Dao, an hour away from Hanoi. That phase combined both fresh herbs and leafy vegetables production in Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) as well as production of microgreens (micro leaves), the first micro leaves greenhouse in Vietnam. The rest of the project include 18 hectares of tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, melons and lettuces grown in cocopeat growbags.

VinEco's fresh produce is been distributed to VinMart supermarkets and convenient stores all around Vietnam, supported with massive multi-media marketing campaign highlighting the local production of high quality fresh produce.

Following its positive experience working with TAP's professionals, agronomists and growers, VinEco is now negotiating signing TAP for planning and training its staff with postharvest best practice. VinEco believes that this would be a natural step forward preserving the freshness of its produce grown with care and reducing waste in the supermarkets.

For more information:
Teshuva Agricultural Projects
60 Nof Harim St., Olesh, 42855 Israel

Publication date: 12/7/2017



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