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China: PE- and F-clean combination in 3.9 ha project

In the Chinese Anshun region a 3.9 hectare greenhouse project is currently being realised. In four segments: lettuce, strawberries, vegetables and young plants will be grown year round. For optimum climate control and energy use, the project is provided with several new tools as well as a partial coverage with PE and a partial coverage with F-Clean.

Back in 2016, Israeli greenhouse builder Azrom spoke out clearly: they believe F-Clean is the best solution for greenhouse coverage. "Combining the high efficiency of light transparency, energy savings and flexibility while preserving the environment, since it can last 20-30 years without replacing or losing the efficiency of it", Boyan Dulitz of Azrom explains. That's why they focus on bringing this solution to their clients worldwide.

Their efforts are paying off. Currently Azrom is building a 3.9 hectare greenhouse project in the Anshun region, near Guiyang. The project is divided into four segments: a nursery, a part for hydroponic lettuce, one for strawberries and a trellis for vegetable cultivation, both in the ground and in substrate growbags.

Zvi Porat, Marketing Manager at Azrom, explains the reason for splitting the project into two types of coverings on the roof of the project: "We strongly believe in the quality of the F-CLEAN as roof coverings for the greenhouse, but understand the difficulty of customers to choose a significantly expensive coverage than the PE. For this reason, we recommended that the client split the project and cover it partially with PE and other part with F-CLEAN. We are confident that such a move will increase the confidence of the customer to try the innovative coverage while demonstrating feasibility for the next phases of the project."

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Publication date: 1/2/2018



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