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winter light greenhouse

"10% more light than the reference greenhouse"

The first cultivation year with cucumber from high wire production in the winter light greenhouse in the Netherlands has been completed. The last part of the cultivation has ended remarkably quickly with a very nice quality up to the last fruits. The result is certainly to the researchers' satisfaction with a few ups and downs that one experiences during cultivation.

277 fruits with a total weight of 112 kg/m2 at an energy consumption of 21 m3/m2. For this they had to purchase almost 10 kg of CO2. Measurements show that this greenhouse indeed transmits 10% more light than a reference greenhouse with a 4 meter roof on an 8 meter girder, coated substructure and standard glass. 

During cultivation, data on climate, crop and energy have been exchanged at least once a week. "You can be proud of the result", was the reaction from the researchers. Thatís what they like to hear, but they know it can be even better. Hence the following list with points for improvement for 2018:
  • We had to help the crop too often in the spring, summer and early autumn by screening during the day, after which the moisture deficit (MD) increased sharply, resulting in limp heads. Here the high transmission of the greenhouse that results in a lot of solar energy, plays a major role. This occurs while the diffusion of the greenhouse roof is relatively low. We expect to be able to overcome this with a combination of misting and screens.
  • Thrips caused big problems this year at the start. We have to keep these pests out of the door next year.
  • In the coming year we will have to control the light/temperature sum better and be daring to let the temperature rise at a sufficiently low MD. Last year, that also went well with the second crop with cucumber in the 2SaveEnergy greenhouse. We had to decide too often between cooling versus moisture whereby the moisture lost out.
  • Deployment of an air treatment unit at low electricity costs at a minimum setting, to provide some air movement and thereby tolerate lower MD levels.
Source: Kas als Energiebron (Frank Kempkes)

For more information:
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Publication date: 12/4/2017



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