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Russet mite is a problem in Belgian nurseries

Every tomato grower’s interest is triggered by lighted cultivation. By visiting similar cultivations with colleagues, a fascinating exchange of knowledge as well as discussion takes place. "This is exactly the purpose of Lycopersicon cvba", says Bert Thienpondt, cultivation advisor at consultancy firm Lycopersicon, which recently organized its second tour.

The companies of Franky and Els Galle-Vanackere and Luc Coghe in West Flanders were chosen to be visited. At the first company we found Paulanca and Philovita. After obtaining the general cultivation information, the group moved to the greenhouse. "Here and there we encountered a trace of sulfur, which is not unfounded with the current russet mite problem", says Bert Thienpondt. "During the crop assessment, some discussions emerged, followed by a group discussion. After having discussed the current topics such as watering and climate, they went deeper into specific questions."

Luc Coghe
Next they arrived at the second company after a short car ride. "Here we saw Sevance and Brioso, among others. After the crop inspection and some short discussions, both jointly and separately, the group subjects on lighting and the russet mite were discussed."

After the discussions in a pleasant atmosphere, they enjoyed a cup of coffee and listened to the invited speakers of screen manufacturer Ludvig Svensson. Ton Habraken gave an extensive presentation about the different screen cloths and their functions.

Practical use
The practical use and the different effect on the production were discussed. Related discussions about this followed right after.

After this very informative afternoon, everyone went back home with something added in their backpack. We are already eagerly looking forward to the next tour in mid-December which definitely will again be a very educational meeting!

For more information:
Rudy Devreker
Senior Consultant

Publication date: 12/5/2017



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