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Dutch Seed Group International operational with ABS Seed

Dutch Seed Group International (DSGI) is a flourishing and growing seed company based in Hem the Netherlands. They work with approximately 20 employees to serve their customers, mostly located in the Middle-East and North Africa. DSGI produces, purchases and sells vegetable seeds together with 48 distributors. The goal is to offer a wide range of products, basically all vegetable crops. The seeds are usually packed and treated per customer specific and sold under a lot of brand names. Both sales support offices in Lebanon and Jordan can look into the available inventory in Hem.

Betteke Pauw is responsible for the operations and also the application manager of ABS. The "go-live" of ABS was in January 2017. At the same moment DSGI's new warehouse was opened. Together with a lot of sales, the first half year was a challenge. The combination of a new warehouse and go live of ABS in the same time was chosen, because inventory would be up to date administrated in the new warehouse.

Today there are still points to improve. Main issue is the inventory management of all different packaging's. What has been achieved using ABS is a more professional way of working and clear workflows. The program "Packing label information" gives a lot of added value for DSGI. Using this program all customer data on packaging's and treatments are clear at order booking already.

"Before ABS DSGI used a simple software", says Betteke. This was a software with less functionality than ABS Seed. For instance the inventory assigned to orders was not visible. DSGI considers ABS "rather complex", but ABS offers more functionality and provides DSGI the possibility to grow. The use is simplified by Betteke for each user using the authorization tool. Implementing ABS offers DSGI a big step forward.

For more information:
Het Voert 9
1613 KL Grootebroek
The Netherlands

Publication date: 11/22/2017



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