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Dutch lettuce grower Van de Pol

NL: Lettuce production doubles with HORTILED Top

Lettuce grows much slower in the winter months than in the summer months. To speed up the process, Van de Pol, from Ridderkerk has opted for a total solution from Hortilux. Hortilux has installed a complete new grow light installation of 9,500m2 including 996 HORTILED Tops. The company expects to double the lettuce production!

The family company has been growing lettuce for more than 40 years. In the summer months lettuce needs about 35 days to grow, however during the winter this is almost three times as long. Owner Jan-Willem van de Pol: “We miss a lot of production during the winter months, therefore we asked Hortilux to advise us on a grow light solution to be able to grow year round. The indications are that with this new lighting solution, our production will double, so the choice was an easy one”. Hortilux takes care of the complete grow light installation with the HORTILED Top at Van de Pol.

HORTILED Top is the most efficient LED-fixture on the market, with 2.7 µmol/Joule. Business development manager Peter Hendrix about the HORTILED Top: “Lettuce is a crop which does not like heat radiation, which means that the crop grow more efficient if it receives more light with less heat. With HORTILED Top higher grow light intensities are possible without negative impact on crop production and plant quality, therefore ideal for the lettuce production”. The HORTILED Top is available in several spectrums and optional dimmable. Van de Pol chose to go with Red/Blue Low Blue spectrum with an 150 degree beam angle for optimum uniformity.

New generation LED-fixtures
The HORTILED product line comprises three products: HORTILED Top, HORTILED Inter and HORTILED Multi, all with a distinctive and characteristic Hortilux design. The HORTILED Inter has been specially designed for high wire cultivation of greenhouse vegetables. The HORTILED Inter is placed within the crop to supplement your top lighting. With 2.63 µmol/J, the HORTILED Inter is the most efficient fixture when compared with similar products on the market. The HORTILED Inter provides 10% more light per m2 than other LED products. The HORTILED Multi has been specially developed for lighting crops that are grown in several layers, growth chambers, air-conditioned containers, tissue cultivation and research situations. Efficiency levels of up to 2.5 µmol/J can be achieved, depending on the light spectrum. This makes the HORTILED Multi up to 60% more energy-efficient than fluorescent lighting.

Total solutions

Hortilux is the specialist in grow light solutions. We recognise that an efficient grow light solution is more than just a high quality fixture. All components of your grow light system have to work together seamlessly for optimal efficiency (lower energy and maintenance costs) and a higher yield per m2. This is why Hortilux takes it all in one hand: advice, engineering, installation, project management, hardware and maintenance. Based on specialised knowledge, Hortilux globally provides tailored grow light solutions to increase our client’s yield per m2.

For more information:
Hortilux Schréder B.V.
Vlotlaan 412
2681 TV  Monster
The Netherlands
T: +31(0)174 286628

Publication date: 11/15/2017



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