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China: Demand for refrigerated trucks is steadily growing

In 2016, under the double impact of favorable policies and high demand, the Chinese market for cooling logistics has gradually realized improvements. Statistics show that in 2016 the cooling logistics market in China had a scope of 220 billion RMB, which is 22.3% higher than last year. Initial forecasts for the next 3-5 years all show a fast increase of more than 20%.

In the wake of the improving life quality of the Chinese people, the Chinese agricultural industry has substantially increased its production and rapidly increased the amount of quick-frozen food. The demand for cooling facilities is growing bigger and bigger, and thus the demand for refrigerated trucks is also growing. Based on statistics published in the 'Analysis Report of the Market Demand for Heat Preservation and Refrigeration Trucks in the Industry' of the forward looking industrial research center, 20,673 refrigerated trucks were produced in China during 2014, in 2016 this number even went up to 26,113 trucks. By the end of the year, there will be 115,000 refrigerated trucks domestically, which is 23.6% more than last year.

In the spur of the sudden intense market demand and the constant price increased through government policies, the Chinese market for refrigerated trucks has also experienced an unusual new development. In the future, research will mainly focus on the three following topics: functional optimization of boxes that can fend off cold, on new modes of refrigeration and the structural development of new packaging materials.

Publication date: 11/13/2017



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