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Polish technology finds place in global horticulture market

While the Netherlands is often referred to as a major supplier of horticultural automation, companies in other countries are not afraid to introduce innovative technology at a rapid pace too. A good example is the Polish company Maryniaczyk. Since its creation in late 2005 by Mateusz Maryniaczyk, the company has been eagerly innovating and designing dedicated greenhouse logistics. And not without success; their solutions nowadays are shipped all over the world. 

Mateusz Maryniaczyk

Maryniaczyk is a young company operating that started to design greenhouse solutions after noticing a local demand. Poland is home to a large horticultural industry that has seen the necessary innovation and improvements over the last few years. While the company started with supplying this vibrant industry with simple handcarts and tomato hooks,  Maryniaczyk drew the attention with the introduction of the first Polish-made automated spraying cart. Together with the ability to provide local service and support, Maryniaczyk quickly became an important player on the Polish horticulture market. 

The company continued to serve the market with the introduction of more machinery and equipment such as hydraulic scissor lifts, harvesting trolleys, sprayers, as well as the greenhouse crop hooks that are widely used in horticulture. Sales representative Karol Korzeniewski explained that their solutions find a place in the market due to their local approach; "The solutions are adapted to specific situations, respond to problems,  and if necessary, adjusted to the needs of the customer. We pay a lot of our attention to the quality of our products in pursuit of perfection. We aim to use and implement the newest technologies and solutions. At the same time we try to keep our prices low but keep in mind that a lower price does not mean a lower quality." 

Korzeniewski said that this approach has caught the attention of horticultural producers in other countries too. "Nowadays our solutions are also shipped worldwide, especially to other horticultural markets that require adaptive technology such as New Zealand, Australia, and many other countries. We are looking to increase our international distribution and services." 

Maryniaczyk's spray robots, working platforms and scissor lifts are made of rugged, durable technology. "Our systems are designed in such a simple way that they are not sensitive for malfunctioning or defects. In case problems occur, spare parts are locally available and the equipment can be easily repaired. As well as this we have 24/7 telephonic service support available to our customers." 

For more information:
Karol Korzeniewski

Publication date: 11/13/2017
Author: Boy de Nijs



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