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Re-use your drain water with an ultra filtration unit

The use of water in greenhouses is not optimized yet. HSI has found a solution to use water in the most efficient way. In cooperation with partner Mienis Water they are able to introduce a new high-tech product: the Ultra Filtration system. Roy van Schagen is very excited: ďWith this system you can re-use your water. In order to re-use, itís necessary to take out all harmful substances. By using the Ultra Filtration system you make sure that bacteria, viruses, fungi and nematodes can NOT pass the filter. This will lead to clean and fresh water to re-use for your crops.Ē

How does the unit work?
The drain water is filtered through the Ultra Filtration unit. Once the water is disinfected it can be added to the fertigation unit. The water is ready to re-use and provide nutrients to your crops.

This is an example of a rose grower, but the system can be used in any cultivation.

Lower the use of fertilizers
Another important advantage is that the fertilizers will remain in the water. By measuring the amount of fertilizers left after filtering, itís possible to add products as desired. This can lead to a financial advantage regarding the use of fertilizers, as they stay available after filtering.

Cost-efficient energy use
Since the working pressure on the membranes is not higher than a few bar, the system wonít require much energy to operate. The basic set up of the Ultra Filtration system has a flow rate between 2 and 3.5 m2 per hour and can be expanded to every desirable flow rate.

For more information:
Hortus Supplies International
Noordpolderweg 21
1432 JH Aalsmeer
+ 31 297 52 49 19

Publication date: 11/8/2017



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