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Europe: Interactive map lets you find aquaponics farms nearby

Have you ever wondered who is doing Aquaponics in your area? Now you can find out with EU Aquaponics' updated map on aquaponics in Europe. The map was made using Google Maps and includes the location (addresses) of all the research institutes and companies currently actively working on aquaponics. It cannot be edited directly, but if you would like to be added, send a message with your address and main activities to

This map was finalized during the Work Group Meeting of COST FA1305 held in Dubrovnik (October 16-17, 2017). This activity is part of the objectives of Working Group 1 (Aquaponics Overview, Strategic Focus on Aquaponics in the EU), led by Agnes Joly and Ranka Junge (previously led by Tamas Komives). It is a continuation of the outputs from this group following the post on the ‘Aquaponic princess’ and a detailed publication on Aquaponics in Europe.

As is apparent in the map, industry collaboration is essential for aquaponics to fulfil its promise as a viable system of local food production in the EU. The map currently lists 50 research centres (in blue) and 45 companies (in red), suggesting a nice balance between research and development.

Publication date: 11/15/2017



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